Eaton Adds DC to AC Inverter

Eaton Adds DC to AC Inverter

Eaton’s Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a new DC to AC inverter for tapping into Class 8 DC vehicle batteries.


The inverter produces either 1000 or 1800 watts of AC power from a standard Class 8 battery and can be used to power external devices like phone chargers, computers, heaters, microwaves, refrigerators and televisions.

“The inverters can be a great recruiting and retention tool with drivers by improving comfort and reducing time spent in hotels,” said William Gross, manager of emerging products at Eaton. “When you factor in the productivity improvements and fuel savings from the reduced idle time, fleets will quickly see an excellent return on their Eaton inverter investments.”

The inverter has an optional built-in 40 amp charger and standard AC transfer switch that transitions between AC utility power and truck battery power. This feature is designed to minimize battery discharge, says Eaton.

Safety features include DC and AC over and under voltage protection, overload protection , backup fuses and circuit breakers. A standard low-voltage disconnect protects batteries from excess discharge. All inverters come with a two-year warranty.


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