Debut for latest Varta AGM, EFB batteries

Debut for latest Varta AGM, EFB batteries

Johnson Controls is presenting a wider choice of Varta automotive batteries at Automechanika 2014 (hall 3.1, stand C41) this week. The ‘Dynamic Trio’ (Black, Blue and Silver) has been complemented by AGM and EFB technologies.

“Nowadays, consumers increasingly ask for eco-friendly and high-quality products made in Europe,” says Florence Bailleul, the company’s vice-president and general manager aftermarket for the EMEA region. “Johnson Controls recognised the changing expectations of car drivers and includes advanced technologies in one portfolio to offer eco-friendly produced batteries with an extended cycle life.”

The newly-added Varta Blue Dynamic EFB and Varta Silver Dynamic AGM batteries are presented as “the ideal solution for highly equipped cars with maximum energy demands” and also a “perfect-fit solution for vehicles with Start-Stop technology.” Both batteries come with a longer cycle life performance. Johnson Controls says AGM and EFB have gone through a remarkably clean manufacturing process, with 20 per cent less energy consumption and 20 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.

Quicker battery replacements with VSSP 2.1

In addition, Johnson Controls is demonstrating the next generation of its Varta Start-Stop Service Program (VSSP 2.1) at Automechanika. VSSP 2.1 enables workshops to carry out all battery replacements in a quick and straightforward manner. Thanks to the new integrated offline function, the device can operate without an internet connection, enabling flexible usage in every workshop. With quicker, optimised menu navigation and illustrated replacement instructions, complex battery replacements can be carried out in a user-friendly manner.

“Advanced technologies strengthen Varta product portfolio to fulfil increasing market requirements,” says Bailleul. “We provide a complete product and service offering to fulfil the changing market expectations and requirements.”


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