Continental adds starter batteries to VDO portfolio

Continental adds starter batteries to VDO portfolio

Automotive batteries are the latest product to enter the VDO product portfolio, and Continental has launched the new range at this year’s Automechanika Frankfurt show.

The VDO battery line-up includes a total of nine EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) starter batteries and optimally targets the “relevant sectors” of the central European vehicle market. All VDO batteries come with a two year warranty.

Continental says it decided to extend the VDO product portfolio to cover aftermarket EFB and AGM batteries as current statistics show starter batteries remain one of the main causes of breakdowns. The EFB battery range was specifically developed for vehicles equipped with start-stop systems, however these products – distinguishable from their AGM counterparts by their silver housing – can also be installed in the majority of conventional vehicles.

The manufacturer says that compared to conventional lead acid batteries, VDO’s EFB batteries are technologically optimised. Thus, for example, the positive plates are equipped with a so-called mat glass insert. This is made from a fabric which retains the active material in the plate. This permits the low-resistance, rapid charging and discharging of the battery. Thanks to this technology, Continental says the VDO EFB batteries have twice the cycle stability of conventional starter batteries and enable the engine to start reliably even at very low temperatures. At the same time, they are less susceptible to acid stratification and have a longer service life; Continental claims the life expectancy of VDO’s EFB batteries to be double that of conventional lead acid batteries.

Those wanting even more power are better served by the AGM products in the new VDO battery range. This extra oomph comes in particular from the use of special microglass fibre mats that are integrated between the lead plates and fix all the battery acid. Internal resistance in the battery is very low when using AGM technology, and this means that higher levels of energy can be absorbed or emitted in demanding situations. This capability can also be used for energy recovery (recuperation) during braking or during the engine’s overrun phase. VDO’s AGM batteries have up to three times the cycle stability and a significantly longer service life than conventional starter batteries. This technology also prevents acid stratification for optimal energy capacity. In addition, the AGM batteries are leak-proof and maintenance free irrespective of where they are installed in the vehicle. VDO AGM batteries come in a black housing.


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