Fight against counterfeiting

Fight against counterfeiting

Philips will be celebrating its centenary this autumn at Frankfurt’s Automechanika show and will be showcasing the new technologies it has been responsible for over the last three decades such as high performance halogen bulbs, blue headlamps, Xenon HID lighting and LED automotive lighting.

The company now turns its attention to the threat of counterfeiting and is currently in the middle of legal action against a number of companies it believes are selling dodgy Xenon bulbs in the UK and abroad. To ensure customers know what they are fitting and selling on, every Philips C1 and S1 Xenon bulb comes in new packaging which has its own unique holographic security code and a moving code which displays a moving digit under direct light. A certificate of authenticity is also provided. Its range of inspection lights is set to expand and an Autumn promotion will be announced next month.


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