Ridewell Announces New Lightweight Trailer Suspensions

Ridewell Announces New Lightweight Trailer Suspensions

Ridewell Suspensions is adding a series of 13,200-pound-capacity trailer suspensions to its RSS-233 product line, designed to reduce weight without sacrificing overall durability.


The design includes a compact mounting envelope for simplifying installation and the suspensions are manufactured with a dual draw key kingpin design for extending kingpin life. The 233 series 13K suspensions feature fully cast axle ends for increased strength and durability and Ridewell says they are the only steerable liftable suspension available with tire inflation.

Other features of Ridewell’s RSS-233 13K Suspension include:

  • Compact mounting envelope

  • Dual Draw key ring pin design

  • 10- to 20.5-inch ride heights

  • 13 inches of total travel

  • 9.5-inch lift

  • Dust shield option

  • Light weight and 19.5-inch drums


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