Service-friendly and reliable – Filters from MANN-FILTER for the commercial vehicle sector

Service-friendly and reliable – Filters from MANN-FILTER for the commercial vehicle sector

MANN-FILTER will be at Automechanika 2014 in Frankfurt not only to present its comprehensive portfolio for the passenger car sector, but also to show how innovative and reliable filters from MANN-FILTER are in the commercial vehicle sector.


Current emission standards as well as changes in combustion and injection processes place high demands on commercial vehicles and therefore also on filtration technology. As an international filtration specialist, MANN-FILTER is a reliable partner to the commercial vehicle sector with its comprehensive product range in original equipment quality. In addition to air, oil, fuel and cabin filters, the company also supplies drying agent boxes, oil centrifuges and transmission oil filters to its customers. "We have taken these increased demands on board and are consequently designing our products to be even more efficient and reliable," says Matthias Weller, technical expert at MANN-FILTER, describing trends in filtration technology at this year's Automechanika.

MANN-FILTER once again features in the "Truck Competence" visitor's guide at this year's Automechanika. You can see this competence in the various developments for commercial vehicle applications on display at Stand A51 in Hall 3.


Reliable filtration for even the tiniest impurities
On construction sites, forest tracks and mining sites, commercial vehicles are driven in extremely dusty environments every day. Polluted air can result in damage to the vehicle engine. These and many other challenges are met by air filters from MANN-FILTER , which feature nano-fibre technology to prevent the harmful effects caused by even the tiniest impurities. The carrier material of the nano-fibre media consists of cellulose coated with extremely thin layers of ultra-fine polymer fibres. The surface on which dust particles can be deposited is much larger as a result. Even the tiniest particles from the intake air, which are up to 500 times finer than a human hair, are almost completely filtered out.

Glue string technology – simple and efficient
Manufacturers of commercial vehicles face many challenges, including their energy, CO2 and material footprint. Filtration experts achieve savings in these areas for example by using glue string technology in air filters. With this technology, the metal, plastic or paper casing of the filter element is replaced by a special string made from polyester fibre. This conserves resources, saves energy in production and makes the metal-free air filters fully incinerable. The special string is wound around the air filter bellows in a discontinuous pattern and stabilises the distances between the filter pleats evenly across the entire filter height. This has a positive effect, significantly reducing flow resistance and therefore reducing pressure loss. This in turn optimises filtration performance and contributes to fuel savings. 

Service-friendly oil filters for fast, simple disassembly
The product range offers filters in tested original equipment quality as well as service-friendly solutions for the trade and workshops. The MANN-FILTER "HU 1291 z" for commercial vehicles for example features a bayonet fitting. During opening, this bayonet connection ensures that the entire filter element can be released and lifted out of the socket in the housing without the effort usually required. 

"The oil filter from MANN-FILTER works according to the open-and-remove principle," explains Jörg Schömmel, Product Manager Oil Filters at MANN-FILTER. "For workshops, this means simple, clean and time-saving disassembly compared with other standard products." Another advantage is the fact that the oil filter element is made from a mixture of cellulose and polyester fibre, making it extremely durable. MANN+HUMMEL already holds patents for the element in several countries. 

Protection for driver and vehicle 
Product development at MANN+HUMMEL is not only focused on the vehicle, but also on the vehicle user. More and more filters from MANN-FILTER feature a waterproof, flame-retardant impregnation. These treated filters reduce the risk of fire from the air filter in the engine compartment, even after 100,000 kilometres. This means increased protection not only for the vehicle and the load, but also for the driver and other road users. 

Over 90 per cent market coverage in Europe
With market coverage of over 90 per cent in Europe, MANN-FILTER has filters for almost every truck and bus model in its product portfolio. Customers benefit from constant innovation, driven by 1,000 employees working in research and development worldwide.


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