Berkebile Oil Releases Biodegradable Penetrating Lubricant

Berkebile Oil Releases Biodegradable Penetrating Lubricant

Berkebile Oil Company has introduced its first biodegradable penetrating lubricant and rust-inhibitor.


The Protection First Class product contains 99% pure cosmetic-grade lanolin, a natural substance produced by wool-bearing animals like sheep.

Protection First Class lubricant is also solvent-free and benefits from its natural formula.

The company says it is formulated to spray easily and stick better than traditional solvent-based lubricants, which can be lost to runoff due to a lower viscosity.

Protection First Class won’t freeze and retains its lubricating characteristics in harsh conditions. It also self-heals, automatically filling in nicks and abrasions to its protective surface and sealing out moisture and oxygen.

“We have snow removal contracts and equipment operating throughout West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and we can’t afford to have equipment fail in the field,” said Roger Newman, president of R.C. Newman Excavating. “During the brutal winter of 2013/14, we field-tested Protection First Class, applying it to every electrical connection, relay switch and terminal connection, and our electrical problems literally vanished. It also prevented salt buildup on our spreaders and minimized equipment corrosion.”

Protection First Class comes in several container sizes including a 15-ounce spray can, a one gallon jug and a five gallon bucket.


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