Bosch looks to the future with battery range updates

Bosch looks to the future with battery range updates

Solving the puzzle often associated with battery selection from a range that covers everything from ATVs to agricultural vehicles, Bosch has restructured its battery range in order to make selecting the right battery quicker and easier than before.

The company has redesigned its colour-coding system to move the EFB and AGM batteries into its three main ranges, making battery identification more straightforward and efficient. A range of pictograms – signifying key specifications and uses – also helps garages and customers ensure they are fitting the right battery every time, resulting in optimum vehicle performance.

The Bosch range of batteries covers a wide variety of car, truck, motorcycle and leisure applications, and is constantly evolving to accommodate developing vehicle technologies, such as Start/Stop systems. Depending on the nature of the vehicle and the features it has, a different Bosch technology has been applied to ensure that performance is never compromised, while remaining cost effective.

Car battery technologies and their applications

Bosch battery range updatesFor car applications there are three levels of battery performance that suit the needs of different vehicles.

  • S3: Grey labels

S3 is the entry level range; these products are suitable for older vehicles with smaller engines. S3 products should only be used in vehicles with limited electrical demands, such as from ABS, heated rear screen, alarm and electric windows or mirrors. The S3 range has Standard Flooded Lead Acid technology and is not suitable for vehicles with Start/Stop systems. This makes them cost effective for older vehicles (pre-2000).

  • S4: Blue labels

The next step up from S3 is the S4 range, with some part numbers having Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology. Any vehicle from 2000 onwards requires at least an S4 battery, as the range has the capability to deal with the greater level of specifications now expected on smaller cars. This includes air conditioning, heated seats, immobilisers and cruise control. EFB technology is becoming increasingly utilised by OEM’s, thanks in part to the rise in popularity of superminis.

  • S5: Black labels

S5 batteries are the top-of-the-range products for use in cars. Some part numbers in the range feature Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology and products are capable of dealing with additional electrical demands. Premium vehicles and those with large diesel engines require an S5 battery, which can deal with electrical demands such as those from parking sensors, climate control, ESP and satellite navigation.

There are no changes to the ordering process for the range, but a number of products have updated part numbers. The updates have already come into effect, notes Bosch.

Discription of Bosch pictograms


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