BREMBO BRAKES: first class performance and rating

BREMBO BRAKES: first class performance and rating

Readers of German car and motorcycle trade magazines have been voting for products across the entire car and motorcycle market. Once again the result confirms the basic principle: if you want to be safe at speed you need the best brakes. A discipline dominated by Brembo and honored by the public with the rating "Best Brand". 

Auto Bild has just published the results of its latest readers’ poll. They reveal that 68 per cent of the more than 70,000 voters consider Brembo to be far and away the best brake manufacturer brand. This performance image is down to the brand’s dominance in motor sport, from where it has found its way into road traffic. 

Experts as well have long held the brand to be a driving force in brake technology innovation. Motorrad magazine’s 45,707 readers have honored the superlative performance of Brembo brake pads for what is now the eighth time in succession. No fewer than 77.8 per cent of voters give their backing.

In the quest for top industry brands, the 19,419 respondents to Autozeitung’s invitation also placed Brembo brake pads in the top slot with 26 per cent.

Steeped in tradition, Auto Motor und Sport magazine invited its readers to the ballot box and arrived at a comparable result: 66.5 per cent of the 115,000 voters chose Brembo. Compared with the previous year’s election result that means an approximately 1.5 per cent increase in the approval ratings.

Even more emphatic was the verdict for the Swiss Tuning Award 2013, organized by Swiss Auto Illustrierte magazine: 81.1 per cent of the 1,100 votes cast were in favor of Brembo sport brakes.

The company is conscious of the import of this broad-based expert acclaim and also regards this as confirmation of a strategy which has focused for years on innovation in the sense of reliable safety and comfort.


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