New, innovative spin-on oil filter from MANN-FILTER

New, innovative spin-on oil filter from MANN-FILTER

Three new models for Volkswagen passenger cars have been added to MANN-FILTER's comprehensive product range.

The new spin-on oil filter models, which are equipped with a fully synthetic filter medium, have been available in the independent aftermarket since January 2014. The new filter medium helps to supply the engine with oil more efficiently, keeping engine wear to a minimum. The filters are also suitable for use with alternative fuels.

The innovative design of the three new spin-on oil filters from MANN-FILTER is obvious even from the outside. The W712/95 model, which is fitted horizontally to the engine, and the W712/93 and W712/94 models, which are mounted vertically with the opening at the bottom, are all painted silver. «The eye-catching colour symbolises the fully synthetic, high-performance filter medium used by MANN-FILTER in the independent aftermarket», - says Hans-Peter Müller, Product Manager at MANN-FILTER. «The paint colour also helps to distinguish the new spin-on oil filters from the previous black models with a cellulose-based filter medium (W712/90 – 92), which have the same external shape».

Improved oil supply to the engine
The fully synthetic filter medium has a significant effect. It ensures an improved oil supply to the engine because the differential pressure of the filter medium is lower and the grid structure allows the lubricant to drain far more effectively. «The intelligent design and the carefully selected material minimise wear on the engine and extend its lifetime», - explains Hans-Peter Müller. The fully synthetic filter medium is actually effective in several areas. An increase of water content in the engine oil caused by alternative fuels has almost no influence on the differential pressure in the new spin-on oil filters because, in contrast to conventional media, they do not swell or soften. Pressure losses are reduced by approx. 50 percent, which means that they are much lower than those of conventional media. Another positive effect is the fact that the significantly lower differential pressures cause the bypass valve to open less frequently and for a shorter time. This means that more filtered oil reaches the lubrication points, leading to a longer engine lifetime. The differential pressure advantages of the synthetic medium with drainage grid are particularly important during cold starts when oil viscosity is high. Fully synthetic filter media are much more resistant to embrittlement than conventional products over the service life, even when the engine oil is more chemically aggressive due to the use of biofuels.

Benefits during servicing
The two vertically installed spin-on oil filters W712/93 and W712/94 have a further benefit. They can be changed more easily and efficiently, because they are equipped with a tried-and-tested attachment containing a seal that is pressed onto the drainage channel via spring force. This ensures that the drainage channel is sealed when the filter is screwed in place. This design ensures that the oil flows out of the filter and the flange into the sump before the main seal is opened during filter changes.

Original equipment supplier for petrol engines
The international filter manufacturer MANN+HUMMEL has already started serial production of high-performance filters for the 1.0 litre, 1.2 litre and 1.4 litre petrol engines of some Volkswagen Group models. The new line of spin-on oil filters has been available from independent automotive parts retailers since January 2014 and complements the extensive MANN-FILTER product range.

Always the right filter
With oil filters for some 13,000 passenger cars and vans, MANN-FILTER has almost 99 percent market coverage in Europe. Oil filters from MANN-FILTER offer original equipment quality and rapid availability.


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