Techron in Your Engine

Techron in Your Engine

Whether you're driving the open road with nobody around for miles or you're stuck in bumper-to bumper downtown traffic, you expect your car to perform when you need it most.


The Cleaning Power of Techron

Car enthusiasts demand high performance and trust the unsurpassed cleaning power of Texaco with Techron. But what is Techron exactly?

Techron is a patented cleaning additive technology containing polyetheramine (PEA) chemistry. We include Techron in all grades of Texaco gasoline to help:

  • Protect performance – Techron helps prevent harmful deposit buildup on valves and fuel injectors that can interfere with your car's ability to adjust the amount of air and fuel required for optimal performance.
  • Lower emissions – Harmful deposits on vital engine parts from low quality gasolines can result in increased tailpipe emissions.
  • Maximize fuel economy – A clean engine can burn fuel more completely and efficiently, leading to maximized fuel economy.

From modern, high-performance direct-injection engines to classic, carbureted pushrod engines, Texaco fuels with Techron deliver the cleaning power and performance car enthusiasts demand. Find a Texaco station nearest you and fill up with Techron today. For more information on Techron, visit


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