New packaging design for Behr thermostats

New packaging design for Behr thermostats

With effect from 30 September, MAHLE has acquired the majority share in Behr. Since then, Behr is trading under the name MAHLE Behr. Behr Thermot-tronik GmbH (BTT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG and is managed as the Thermostats and Valves profit center within the MAHLE Group.


In the first quarter of 2014, Behr Thermot-tronik thermostats will be sold in new packaging bearing the MAHLE Aftermarket design, thereby ensuring that trade and repair shop customers immediately recognize the incorporation of MAHLE Aftermarket product and service quality. Furthermore, this change sends out a positive message by communicating two strong brands: MAHLE Original and Behr. It also offers customers high cross-selling potential with regard to other products from the MAHLE Aftermarket portfolio. As with any change, the old and new packaging will be on the shelves during the transitional phase.

Since November 2012, Behr Thermot-tronik thermostats have already been exclusively distributed by MAHLE Aftermarket in the automobile maintenance and repair market. MAHLE thus combines its aftermarket service quality with the many years of experience of BTT in the area of thermal management. Customers benefit both from the dense international sales network with local contacts and from a comprehensive product range in original equipment quality that is continually adjusted to market requirements. For instance, our extensive product range of thermostats includes thermostat inserts, housing thermostats, map-controlled thermostats, thermal switches, and numerous complementary products for passenger cars as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Behr Thermot-tronik is a long-standing development partner and series supplier to the international automotive industry, and is one of the leading manufacturers of thermostats and temperature regulation systems for automotive and industrial applications.


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