«Counterfeit brakes are an enormous safety risk»

«Counterfeit brakes are an enormous safety risk»

Brake expert Hella Pagid warns of counterfeit spare parts and introduces copy-protected holographic security seals to make original parts easier to identify.


Those who buy brakes and other spare parts from unscrupulous online dealers may be putting their safety at great risk. In many cases, cheap, low-quality knockoffs are sold instead of the original part. For safety-related parts such as brakes, this can pose a risk of fatal injury in a worst-case scenario. Brake expert Hella Pagid is responding to these developments by successively introducing a copy-protected, holographic security seal for all of its products and packaging types. This seal makes it easier to tell an original part from a knockoff. Hella Pagid Managing Director Lars Brylka emphasizes, "Properly functioning brakes are the most critical part for vehicle safety. If a garage or end consumer installs a cheap knockoff instead of the original part, this frequently increases the risk of an accident, as counterfeit friction materials often have dangerous safety flaws." Brylka also notes that, even for experts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify counterfeit automotive parts. This is because pirates now copy packaging and trademarks along with the product including the part number. The new holographic seal gives garages, dealers and their customers the assurance of exclusively using original parts from brake provider Hella Pagid.

The safety seal is produced using state-of-the-art holographic printing technology, making it virtually impossible to counterfeit. The security seal meets the most stringent security requirements and has a total of nine special effects and features that can be used to identify a genuine seal.


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