Continental Summer Tire Wins Auto Zeitung Test

Continental Summer Tire Wins Auto Zeitung Test

In the latest Auto Zeitung test (issue 6/14), 12 different summer tires were put through their paces in 13 different disciplines.

Continental SportContact 5The ContiSportContact 5 came out in first place with a score of 137 points from a possible total of 150. The magazine's conclusion: "Equally adept on dry and wet road surfaces, our test winner – the Continental SportContact 5 – combines great speed with total safety at all times."

The tires entered in the test came from European, American, and Asian manufacturers. After the initial tests on a wet road, the tire from the Development Department in Hanover led the way in terms of driving safety with a score of 44 points. During the subsequent tests on dry roads, the ContiSportContact 5 again delivered a top performance. The editorial team particularly praised the shortest braking distances, high safety margins, speed, and low rolling resistance."

BMW 320i Continental SportContact 5

The journalists covered around 1,400 km during the tests, with the tires mounted on a BMW 320i Efficient Dynamics Edition test vehicle. In the measurements of the braking distances on wet and dry road surfaces, the vehicle was stopped from a speed of 100 km/h. Safety-related and technological differences between the different manufacturers were really highlighted during the disciplines in the wet, with differences particularly apparent under wet braking and in terms of rolling resistance. For example, one model manufactured in India displayed noticeably inferior driving characteristics and significantly longer braking distances on wet and dry surfaces.





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