Reliability and Safety Are the First

Reliability and Safety Are the First

TENNECO is known worldwide for its wide range in different directions of car systems under different brands.

Anton Kulikov, director of TENNECO Moscow Office, told Info-Parts journalists at AD international exhibition about the company activity at the after-sale service market.

Info-Parts: Which cars are the target for you and what is your product applicability to the modern cars?

: Today TENNECO, while manufacturing car components in almost all continents of the world except, of course, Antarctica, offers the widest range of products which is applicable to more than 90% cars worldwide. Our main driving force is the safety requirements, since the suspension technical condition, in particular shock absorbers, influences not only the driver and passengers comfort, but their safety, which is relevant in any segment. That is why we try to offer our products to the widest range of car owners.

Info-Parts: Whether the TENNECO products are supplied to the car assembly conveyors - what exact products and for what brands?

TENNECO: TENNECO is actively cooperating not only for the secondary market, however also with the car assembly conveyors with share of over two-thirds from all of our products. It means that all TENNECO products for the aftermarket are consistent with those requirements of the original equipment which was originally required by car manufacturers. One of the main and largest TENNECO customers are the world’s leading car manufacturing groups: GM Group (General Motors, Chevrolet and Opel), Ford Motor Co., Volkswagen AG Group (Audi, Porsche, VW, Seat, Skoda), Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Toyota. We are also working with other European car brands:  BMW, Renault-Nissan, Suzuki, etc.

Info-Parts: How do you manage to keep the acceptable level of product prices and successful sales levels?

: On a number of markets, specifically in North America and in the EU market, as well as in South Africa, our position as to the exhaust system and suspension are the leading. The quality is one of our priorities, and we traditionally support this high level. Despite some increase in costs, including production and supply of raw materials – steel and oil, we try to have better use of raw material, to save resources, but to implement this without harm to quality, rather by optimizing the logistics, manufacturing processes and production processes generally, supply chain etc.


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