ContiTech - Quality for the Future

ContiTech - Quality for the Future

ContiTech is a division of Continental AG specializing in belts and other components of the drive systems, as well as special tools for their servicing. Today ContiTech involved in promising developments, being on the progress verge in their major areas. Ulrich Huth, Eastern Europe Regional Manager, explained what changes occur in the drive technology in light of current trends in car operation and environmental and other requirements aimed at the future.

How do you manage to achieve significant success and attract large number of clients?

ContiTech: In Continental we have more than hundred years of experience regarding producing of various components for car industry. The development and manufacturing of the highest quality products have always been our priorities, and this fact is recognized by carmakers on a worldwide level. Continental specialization is the research and promising developments – as from the drive systems and up to the “autopilots” for cars.

Info-Parts: What were the new products in this year?

We always receive orders from car manufacturers, and we follow specifications as provided by them. In car industry we may foresee a tendency to use components with extended estimated lifetime – to increase the time period between services. As regarding promising developments – we developed a belt operating in oil. This technology should convince the industry that rubber belt has advantages in comparison with chain.

Info-Parts: What kinds of technical support are provided by you?

ContiTech: We provide technical news to inform our customers regarding new items in our range as well as concerning technical peculiarities of installation. If mechanics regularly use our newsletters, they will be able to avoid mistakes in the installation process. Also all of our packages contain QR-code giving direct access to the installation manual for this particular product.





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