DENSO Steps – in Regions towards the End Consumer

DENSO Steps – in Regions towards the End Consumer

The success of car components supplier in Ukrainian aftermarket is determined not only by the product quality, but also by the distribution policy – range, availability and delivery speed.

Ruslan Leontiev, Sales Executive DENSO in Ukraine, told Info-Parts journalists about the steps the company implemented in the last year towards distributors and garages.

What were the changes in the product range of DENSO within the year?

DENSO: The main serious expansion of our range for the past year is the air-conditioning system components: receivers-driers, expansion valves, pressure sensors. Our latest proposal is a new group for engine management systems - exhaust gas temperature sensors. It is true, that the range now contains only positions for BMW, however these 11 products are applicable to almost all family, up to X5.

Info-Parts: How important is technical support for garages by the manufacturer?

DENSO: First of all we strive to provide as much information as possible to mechanics working with our products. We want they to know how to install it. Therefore our goal is not only selling, but also training, so that the products reputation does not suffer due to improper installation.

Info-Parts: How do you attract people for training?

: It became more and more difficult to attract customers, since all the manufacturers offer seminars, and mechanics trying to attend the seminars will have no time for money earning. Nevertheless our seminars regarding air-conditioning systems collect audience who are interested in training. We implement two cycles of seminars annually and try to make them rich of technical information to the maximum extent. I would like to note that people are losing part of their earnings just because of  lack of knowledge or time to read the news and other materials from the manufacturer.


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