Improved lamps and at the relevance peak

Improved lamps and at the relevance peak

Car lamps with improved characteristics now are especially relevant since they help to smooth some national drive style features, especially in the winter season. OSRAM Ukraine Sales Manager Mr. Kostiantyn Pronin told Info-Parts journalists how does it work.


Info-Parts: What were the changes in your range during the year?

This year was very rich for all sorts of novelties. First of all, we updated our main product called NIGHTBREAKER, here we offered a new lamps generation «NIGHTBREAKER UNLIMITED», which gives more light, provides even greater durability. Also in the NIGHTBREAKER range for the first time we proposed xenon, and presently is the best offer on the market of gas-discharge lamps with improved performance characteristics and increased light flux.

We also updated LED portfolio, where we offered an absolutely unique product - LED-FOG kits. This is a multifunctional headlight: fog headlight, daytime running light and angle illumination.


Info-Parts: Proposals in large commercial vehicles segment – what are the features of such products?

OSRAM: In our range we have lamps with improved performance characteristics for trucks and buses, for a 24-volt park. TRUCKSTAR lamps range with improved performance combines doubled lifetime doubled light flux and vibration resistance. Today this is an absolutely unique offer at the market.

Info-Parts:How do you reach the best quality-price ratio in the lamps for low cost cars?

Lamps in NEOLUX brand are proposed for the first year, and this brand has appeared simultaneously in Europe and worldwide. These products are assembled from components produced by different OSRAM plants, we outsources some works to reliable contractors. The target was to offer the market some economy brand without quality losing.





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