NORMA Group in demand in China: major orders for fluid line systems and hose clamps

NORMA Group in demand in China: major orders for fluid line systems and hose clamps

NORMA Group, an international market and technology leader for engineered joining technology, has received major orders for NORMAFLEX fluid systems and NORMACLAMP TORRO hose clamps from various vehicle manufacturers in China.


NORMA Group will produce up to 120.000 vacuum tube systems and 800.000 Low Emission Tubes (LET) from the NORMAFLEX product range in its Chinese Qingdao facility annually. About two million Torro hose clamps used in air intake applications will be supplied from the NORMA Group headquarters in Maintal, Germany. Start of production is scheduled for 2014.

«We are proud about the growing demand for our products in this important market in Asia», - says Bernd Kleinhens, board member Business Development at NORMA Group. «In the recent years, we expanded our Qingdao facility and transferred know-how to China so that our local customers can profit from the same high quality as elsewhere. The new orders are proof that our efforts are paying off».

The NORMAFLEX vacuum tube systems are used to connect the vacuum pump of a vehicle with the brake booster. NORMAFLEX LET tubes are applied as fuel lines. The lines have good chemical, mechanical and physical characteristics and reduce permeation significantly. In both cases, due to their lower weight compared to traditional rubber/metal systems, the NORMAFLEX tubes will help to reduce the overall weight of a system by up to 30 per cent. These are ready-to fit systems, which facilitate a rapid and easy assembly. NORMACLAMP TORRO hose clamps are suited to applications with high mechanical loads such as in air intake, coolant and fuel systems. Its asymmetrical housing provides high clamping force and torque strength. The clamp provides an even distribution of clamping pressure, and ensures the sealing of the connection thus preventing leaks.

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