AT&T Launches Audiovox Car Connection Elite Series, A DIY Device To Monitor, Maintain And Protect Your Car

AT&T Launches Audiovox Car Connection Elite Series, A DIY Device To Monitor, Maintain And Protect Your Car

This Friday, Nov. 22, AT&T will begin selling its new Audiovox Car Connection Elite Series, a telematics and location-based service solution designed to help consumers monitor, manage and maintain vehicle health and safety.


AT&T will exclusively provide wireless 3G connectivity for the Car Connection Elite and consumers will be able to access up-to-the-minute information through a mobile app or Web interface, according to the company.

The Audiovox Car Connection Elite Series is a do-it-yourself plug-in On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) device that AT&T says will work on almost all 1996 and newer model year vehicles. The solution allows motorists to know where their vehicle is and can provide you walking directions to where it is parked when needed. Users can set up safety zones and receive alerts when a driver enters or exits those zones. The device also can reduce driver distraction by restricting cell phone usage and provides driver scores to coach young drivers. It also monitors your vehicle's health with diagnostic reports and reviews recent trips to help monitor fuel consumption, which could allow users to conserve gas and save money.





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