SkyBitz Debuts New Trend Reporting, Cellular-Network Trailer Tracking

SkyBitz Debuts New Trend Reporting, Cellular-Network Trailer Tracking

SkyBitz announced a trailer-tracking analytics feature, SkyBitz InSight Trends, and new hardware, the Falcon GXT3000, during the American Trucking Associations' annual Management Conference and Exhibition.

InSight Trends is a customizable visual dashboard that translates historical data into actionable information.

Tracking 220,000 assets a day for more than 800 customers, "We have this gold mine of data," explained Henry Popplewell, senior vice president and general manager, in an interview at the SkyBitz booth. "You hear about 'big data;' we decided it should be 'big decisions about big data.'"

InSight Trends allows fleets to enter their KPIs (key performance indicators) and track how well they're doing in areas such as trailer turn, idle days, mileage, etc.

InSight Trends provides better visibility into asset performance for both real-time decision making and business improvement through analysis of longer term trends. This allows fleets to do things such as;

  •     Identify outliers for under or over utilization and drill down to details.
  •     Optimize the number of assets via comprehensive fleet analysis.
  •     Pinpoint and prioritize assets for improved maintenance.

The new trends reporting feature is now available as part of InSight, SkyBitz’s web application for tracking, monitoring and managing a broad range of assets such as dry van trailers, flatbeds, frac tanks and containers.

New Hardware

Along with the launch of InSight Trends, SkyBitz introduced the Falcon GXT3000, a  custom-built cellular trailer tracking device.

The new GXT3000 is designed for operations that want frequent reporting on the status of their trailers or containers. Unlike SkyBitz's satellite-based products, this one operates on a 3G/4G cellular network.

Because it requires more power for that more frequent reporting, the GXT 3000 has a rechargeable battery that is recharged through the seven-way whenever the trailer is connected to the power unit. When it's not connected, reporting drops down to less-frequent levels that allow the battery to last up to 120 days without being connected to power.
Real-time, on-demand data can be requested from the Falcon GXT3000 and can also be programmed over-the-air, allowing customers to update reporting frequency and behavior.  Actionable information is readily available including mileage driven, speed, arrival and departure times, stop, start and idle times, geo-fence based alerts, hook and unhook alerts, and loaded or unloaded alerts via cargo sensors.

The GXT3000 is IP67 rated and can operate in harsh conditions that demand a rugged and reliable device. Instant installation verification is provided via built-in LEDs, eliminating any guesswork.  Users can also check battery status and perform other diagnostics while in the field.


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