Magna-Guard Reacquires Fluid Rx Technology

Magna-Guard Reacquires Fluid Rx Technology

Magna-Guard Inc., the creator and former manufacturer/supplier of Instant Lubricant Diagnostics products, has officially re-acquired all non-coolant/antifreeze Fluid Rx vital fluid diagnostic technology, copyrights and inventory. The deal became effective Oct. 21.

Originally brought to the automotive repair industry by Magna-Guard’s President Ron McElroy, Fluid Rx had changed the way preventative fluid services are recommended by providing both technicians and customers alike with simple tools to evaluate when fluid services are needed, he says.
«We are very excited to have not only the original motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering, power brake and gear lube test back with Magna-Guard, but to also expand the technology and create diagnostics charts for new OE specialty fluids», - said McElroy.  A new Magna-Guard division, called Fluid Rx Diagnostics, has been set up to distribute and reestablish client services for the Vital Fluid Analysis products.  
McElroy was the original creator of the Instant Lubricant Diagnostic program that uses radial planer chromatographic analysis. McElroy says having the technology back under his control will result in advancing the creation of new OE Fluid Diagnostic Charts and providing service facilities and technicians with products proven to improve customer loyalty and retention.
«We have recently released diagnostics charts designed specifically for the testing and evaluation of proprietary fluids developed by Toyota and Lexus. We’re also completing our R&D on BMW power steering fluids and Nissan CVT fluids and may present new diagnostics charts for these specialty fluids as early as the AAPEX Show in Booth No. 2257», - he added.
According to Magna-Guard, Fluid Rx Diagnostics ups ticket averages by identifying needed fluid services. This makes these tools ideal for dealership fixed-ops, service chains, independent repair facilities and fleet services, as well as other operations that deal with automotive repair and preventative maintenance. «Anyone who has used our Fluid Analysis products can tell you it bridges the gap between opinion and proof that a fluid is depleted and needs to be serviced or changed», - McElroy concluded.


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