Dorman Products Announces Acquisition Of Re-Involt Technologies And Launch Of New OE Solutions Hybrid Drive Battery Program

Dorman Products Announces Acquisition Of Re-Involt Technologies And Launch Of New OE Solutions Hybrid Drive Battery Program

Dorman Products today is announcing its recent acquisition of Re-Involt Technologies and the subsequent introduction of its new line of Dorman OE Solutions remanufactured hybrid drive batteries. This acquisition and the resulting product offering of direct replacement batteries positions aftermarket service providers to capture their share of this rapidly growing market opportunity, according to Dorman. 

Based in Sanford, N.C., Re-Involt Technologies is an aftermarket leader in hybrid battery remanufacturing technology. With the acquisition of Re-Involt, Dorman says it is now positioned to refine the process of remanufacturing hybrid drive batteries while working toward the development and introduction of new hybrid products to the aftermarket.
More than a decade ago, the first hybrids began selling in the United States. Today, the original dealer warranties on those vehicles are expiring. Similar to conventional batteries, hybrid drive batteries fail over time when they are no longer able to maintain a charge. The dramatic growth of the hybrid category, coupled with the 100 percent replacement rate associated with hybrid batteries, has created substantial consumer demand for these units, Dorman says.
“We are enthusiastic about the acquisition of Re-Involt and this new category launch and excited by the potential that hybrid replacement parts offer Dorman and its customers,” said Steven Berman, Dorman’s chairman and CEO. “The launch of hybrid batteries is the latest example of Dorman’s innovative approach to product development. And, we now have the right mix of people and infrastructure in place to support emerging technology like hybrid battery systems.”
Berman added, “Our new program leverages our customers’ ability to quickly deliver replacement hybrid drive batteries to service technicians, giving all levels of the aftermarket an opportunity to grow with this new program.”
Dorman says its new hybrid drive battery program provides broad coverage for the most popular hybrid vehicles on the road today. Additionally, Dorman’s offering of hybrid drive batteries can save service technicians time and owners of hybrid vehicles money, according to the company. Unlike OE replacements, Dorman batteries arrive as a "plug and play" direct replacement; ready to install and requiring no programming time (or expensive programming tools). Finally, Dorman establishes even greater benefit for customers by re-engineering its Hybrid Drive Batteries with upgraded materials, where possible. To reduce corrosion for example, Dorman’s replacement batteries for Toyota applications feature nickel-plated bus bars rather than the copper bus bars found on the original battery pack that is typically seen as a common cause of failure.
All Dorman OE Solutions hybrid drive battery packs are completely remanufactured. This process requires that each battery unit (and each individual battery cell) be thoroughly tested to confirm optimal battery pack performance. Through extensive charging and testing utilizing proprietary systems, Dorman ensures that its replacement battery pack will restore the vehicle’s electrical system to "like new" operating functionality. Finally, all Dorman hybrid drive batteries arrive backed by a limited three-year warranty.
Dorman says the acquisition of Re-Involt Technologies will not contribute significantly to revenue and will have no material impact on earnings in 2013.  
For additional information on the Dorman OE Solutions hybrid drive battery program, including a program overview video, vehicle-specific installation videos and warranty information, visit Complete information on all of Dorman’s products are always available on





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