New air filters for the aftermarket

New air filters for the aftermarket

Highly efficient nanofibers from MANN-FILTER used in commercial vehicles


Commercial vehicles are often exposed to particularly high levels of polluted air. At the same time, the Euro VI standard means that clean air is more important than ever today for commercial vehicle engines. The filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL has responded to this by using particularly efficient nanofiber coatings for its air filter media. Since September, MANN-FILTER has offered the MICROGRADE A-NF filter medium for new light to medium-weight trucks in the independent aftermarket.
Dusty or sooty air is a fact of life on construction or mining sites. Trucks are used under extreme conditions here. Efficient air filters are needed to protect the engines and their components from increased wear and malfunctions. This applies in particular to all newly registered trucks from 2014 onwards, for which the Euro VI standard is binding. After all, the only way to comply with the more stringent emission limits is through optimal engine control. This is why truck manufacturers are installing more and more mass air flow meters in their commercial vehicles. But these sensors only work properly when the engine intake air is free of pollutants.
Particularly clean air for the engine even in a particularly dusty environment – MANN-FILTER uses nanofiber technology for such applications. The filter manufacturer currently produces the latest nanofiber-coated air filter media MICROGRADE A-NF for the small and medium-sized TGL and TGM truck models manufactured by MAN. The Ludwigsburg-based company also supplies nanofiber air filter media for the independent aftermarket for DAF's mid-range CF trucks.
Ultra-fine fibers for high performance 
MICROGRADE A-NF media consist of a cellulose carrier material coated with extremely thin layers of ultra-fine polymer fibers. The fibers are invisible to the naked eye. They have an average diameter of 0.15 micrometres or 0.00015 millimetres. This makes them up to 500 times finer than a human hair and up to 300 times finer than the fibers in the carrier material. As a result, the surface on which dust particles can be deposited is much larger, making the filter much more efficient. MANN+HUMMEL has proved this in laboratory tests using fine particles with a diameter of 0.7 micrometres (0.0007 mm). Result: Using the pure carrier material without nanofibers, the filter medium retains 40 percent of all particles of this size. The so-called separation efficiency increases to up to 99.98 percent when filtered through the fine-mesh nanofiber layers. MICROGRADE A-NF therefore filters almost all of even the tiniest particles from the intake air. The dirt particles attach to the surface of the medium. The advantage of this is that the particles cannot penetrate the cellulose base medium and block the pores there. Long service intervals are therefore a further benefit.  
Innovative, patent-pending software
Despite its high separation efficiency levels, the flow resistance of MICROGRADE A-NF is very low. The small diameter of the nanofibers has a positive effect here. The diameter of the fiber is also a key factor in the stability of the fiber mesh and thus in preventing tears and cracks. MANN+HUMMEL has developed specific software for checking and assessing the produced nanofibers. This software can be used to automatically determine the diameter of the fibers using pictures from a scanning electron microscope. This solution is just one of the many patent applications the company has filed with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA). Having submitted 114 applications in the past year, the DPMA lists MANN+HUMMEL among the most active domestic patent applicants. 
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