BMW Group recognises suppliers for best innovations

BMW Group recognises suppliers for best innovations

Munich. The BMW Group has presented its second Supplier Innovation Award. A total of eight suppliers were recognised for their outstanding achievements in innovation and development.

The BMW Group considers innovation the foundation of a company’s economic success and future competitiveness. The only way to master the challenges ahead for the automobile industry is through a high level of creativity and inventiveness. The BMW Group therefore recognises its most innovative suppliers as key partners who play a crucial role in the successful implementation of new developments. The Supplier Innovation Award is designed to pay tribute to their achievements.

Klaus Draeger, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network, explained: “We intend to continue expanding and strengthening our innovation leadership. Close cooperation with suppliers is extremely important to us. This award is designed not only to recognise outstanding achievements, but also as an incentive for our suppliers to strive for a key competitive edge through their innovations for the BMW Group in the future.”

At the awards ceremony, Herbert Diess, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Development, also emphasised the significance of new technologies: “Innovation is a decisive factor in a vehicle’s market success. Many customers ultimately opt for the car with the most impressive innovations. In fact, innovations are a key driver in our role as a pioneer in shaping the mobility of tomorrow.”

The BMW Group presented awards in a total of seven categories and one special “Innovation Partnership Award”. The categories cover different fields of technology where the company will define the future of individual mobility as a premium manufacturer: Efficient Dynamics, Lightweight Construction, Connected Drive, New Technology Experience, Quality, Productivity, Sustainability.

The winners of the 2013 BMW Supplier Innovation Award:

Efficient Dynamics

BorgWarner Turbo Systems GmbH: TwinPower turbo engine with three turbochargers

What is unique about this TwinPower turbo engine is that it enables an exceptional performance/fuel consumption ratio for a diesel engine, with record new values through optimised synchronisation at all engine speeds.

Lightweight Construction

Magna BDW technologies GmbH: lightweight high-voltage battery housing made of die-cast aluminium

Using a special manufacturing method, the supplier developed an optimised housing for high-voltage batteries made of die-cast aluminium. Complex functions were combined in a single component, intricate processing steps eliminated and weight substantially reduced through optimal use of materials.

Connected Drive

Peiker Acustic GmbH & Co. KG: Car Hotspot LTE

The Car Hotspot LTE (Long Term Evolution) enables in-car LTE mobile internet. Passengers can enjoy high-speed internet access on up to eight mobile devices simultaneously. With this innovation, the BMW Group became the first automobile manufacturer to offer high-speed mobile internet for cars in 2012.

New Technology Experience

Dräxlmaier Group: renewable raw materials for interior panelling

For the first time, a special process and surface treatment technology was developed to create the high-end look and feel, colour, material and texture of natural fibres. The use of renewable raw materials reduces the need for oil-based plastics.


Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG: automatic rear silencer welder

The automatic rear silencer welder fully automates all steps in the welding process as well as calibration of the system and component measurement, preventing production faults and thereby assuring a high standard of quality. 


R. Scheuchl GmbH: wire arc spraying of cylinder treads

The wire arc spraying process is used to apply an ultra-thin layer of steel directly to the aluminium treads in crankcases. This layer is much thinner than the previous steel liner, thereby reducing weight and fuel consumption. 


AUNDE Achter & Ebels GmbH: seat cover from recycled PET

100%-recycled PET is used in a special process to produce a high-quality upholstery material that takes recycling to the next level.

Special “Innovation Partnership Award”

Robert Bosch GmbH

The BMW Group has celebrated many innovation milestones with Robert Bosch GmbH in countless joint vehicle projects throughout an exceptional partnership spanning several decades. 
With this special award, the BMW Group pays tribute to the extraordinary level of cooperation with one of its most important and most innovative partners.





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