NRF Condensers with integrated dryers

NRF Condensers with integrated dryers

The market for condensers is becoming more and more competitive. While the competition drives prices down, quality and service prevail at NRF.

NRF easy fitComplementary to it’s easy fit concept NRF supplies more and more condensers with pre-installed dryers. Similar to the ‘easy fit’ concept, which offers a complementary set of fitting materials, the integrated condenser offers the mechanic economy and ease.

NRF Condenser with integrated dryer

But most important, the foolproof & quick installation of the combined set and the guaranteed replacement of the dryer will reduce returns. A tremendous advantage for both the final customer and the distribution channel.

NRF Condenser with integrated dryerAt this stage NRF offers 746 condensers with 92% car park coverage, of which 317 have an integrated dryer. In comparison, based on current benchmarking/cataloguing, NRF’s two main competitors offer successively 256  and 198  combined sets for these items.

So what’s next? In addition to offering the widest range of tested ‘fit for purpose’ condensers NRF will focus on expanding the ‘easy fit’ offer.


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