Innovative MANN-FILTER design for clean and hassle-free oil filter changes

Innovative MANN-FILTER design for clean and hassle-free oil filter changes

Ludwigsburg, 5th August 2013 – In March, filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL launched a new and particularly service-friendly oil filter on the market. The MANN-FILTER "HU 1291 z" for commercial vehicles significantly facilitates disassembly in the workshop and saves installation space due to its enhanced filter medium. The company has been granted patents in several countries for the filter element, which features a bayonet connection and double-concentric sealing.

Effortless, quick and clean – this sums up the considerably improved handling of the new MANN-FILTER oil filter. The advanced and functional design of the filter element and housing cover makes it possible. When the mechanic unscrews the cover during filter removal, the retaining lugs of the element end plate engage firmly in their counterparts in the cover. During opening, this bayonet connection ensures that the entire filter element is released and lifted out of the socket in the housing without the effort usually necessary.
Open and remove – simple disassembly for a fast service
A single manual action is also sufficient to open the outflow channel to the oil sump, which was previously firmly closed by a double-sided sealing. The double-concentric ring made from long-life, flexible silicone is fitted to the bottom of the element and separates the cleaned lubricant from the raw side. When opening, a short pause of about 60 seconds is sufficient to allow the filter element and housing to drain. Only once all the oil has flown into the sump the filter element attached to the cover is pulled out of the housing easily and virtually clean. "The new oil filter from MANN-FILTER works according to the open-and-remove principle. This makes the oil-filter change service in the workshop much easier," explains Jörg Schömmel, Product Manager Oil Filters at MANN-FILTER.
Patented market innovation
The automotive supplier has been granted a further patent for the new technical development. The German Patent and Trade Mark Office lists MANN+HUMMEL among the most active domestic patent applicants. The company, headquartered in the Swabian city of Ludwigsburg, already holds 3,000 patents and utility models worldwide. In Germany, the international filtration specialist registered 114 patents last year alone.
Series supplier for heavy-duty MAN diesel engines
MANN-FILTER products in original equipment quality are the result of work by 900 researchers and developers within the MANN+HUMMEL Group. The MANN-FILTER "HU 1291 z" oil filter is produced in series by the specialist for the 10.5 and 12.4-litre six-cylinder in-line engines in MAN trucks. In Europe, they must comply with the stringent new Euro VI exhaust-emission standard. "The current emission standards place high demands on the filtration technology in general. This also applies to cleaning of the oil. As a filter manufacturer, we meet these requirements with ever more efficient oil filters," says Schömmel. For this reason, MANN-FILTER uses a long-life filter medium made from a mixture of cellulose and polyester fibre for the new oil filter element.
Efficient and compact
A further advantage is the high dust holding capacity of the filtration element of 100 grams in conjunction with low resistance to the oil flow. Due to the high efficiency of the medium, it has been possible to achieve an optimised filter surface area and to comply with the prolonged service intervals of the commercial vehicle manufacturer. "Because we were able to significantly optimise the filter surface area, we have saved valuable installation space", adds the expert. An additional benefit of the "HU 1291 z" is its metal-free fabrication. The filter element is equipped with a centre tube made from plastic and can be incinerated in an environmentally friendly manner.


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