RED POWER 3 now available in standard profiles

RED POWER 3 now available in standard profiles

The high-performance RED POWER 3 by OPTIBELT is now immediately available in both standard profiles A and B as well as banded/multiple V-belt in profile B.

That makes it even easier to experience the advantages regarding performance, durability and cost savings that RED POWER 3 V-belts offer.

  • maintenance-free: The low-stretch cords and transverse fibre-filled core maintain tension of the belts, thus making retensioning unnecessary.
  • more performance: up to 50 percent more horsepower capacity in comparison to conventional V-belts.
  • setconstant: OPTIBELT’s S=C Plus production tolerances of  ensure that two belts are always at nominal length as required by the DIN for use in the set.
  • shock-resistant: higher resistance to the impact load resulting from jerks.
  • Greater efficiency: With power transmission efficiency up to 97 percent
  • Temperature: temperature resistant up to 100 degrees.
  • Antistatic: compliant with the requirements of ISO 1813 standard.





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