Timing belts improve emission and noise properties

Timing belts improve emission and noise properties

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Timing belts on the advance: European automakers are increasingly turning to timing belts again instead of chains to drive timing gear. “In terms of improving fuel efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions from internal combustion engines, belts offer significant advantages over chains,” declares Markus Pirsch, Head of the Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Service in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. “Their importance will continue to grow in the aftermarket, too.” These advantages are also borne out by independent studies.

According to the independent engineering services provider FEV GmbH, a belt drive ensures lower fuel consumption than a chain drive and, as a result, cuts CO2 emissions. In a 1.6 l gasoline engine, for example, a belt drive reduces fuel consumption by more than one percent and saves up to 1.5 grams CO2 per kilometer. Timing belts are also lighter and run considerably more quietly. In addition, belts do almost not stretch. This is key advantage, since the timings change when the chain becomes longer. As a result, consumption rises and performance decreases. Emission limits are thus quickly exceeded.

In Europe many major automakers are now enjoying the benefits of timing belts in their engines. “The EcoBoost, Ford’s engine of the year, runs with belts, and timing belts can be found at Volkswagen and PSA as well,” says Pirsch. “In light of the rapid pace of technological development, it is all the more important for workshops to have the right products and the necessary know-how to hand.” New belts from ContiTech are therefore also available for the aftermarket shortly after they start to be fitted as original equipment in production vehicles.

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group offers an extensive range of timing belts and timing belt kits for the automotive aftermarket. At the start of the year 22 new timing belt kits plus water pump were introduced. Workshops can also get the appropriate tool for belt changing from ContiTech. The power transmission technology specialist’s training courses also ensure that automotive professionals are always fully conversant with the latest technology. The online PIC service (Product Information Center) provides detailed product information.





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