Meritor MFS+ standard on Kenworth Class 8 Trucks

Meritor MFS+ standard on Kenworth Class 8 Trucks

Kenworth Class 8 trucks now come standard with the Meritor MFS+ front steer axle series for linehaul applications.


The lightweight axle is available in standard and wide track configurations with a gross axle weight rating of 12,000 and 13,200 pounds. The axle’s gooseneck beam design offers a stronger, lightweight package while its low-profile element simplifies integration into the chassis to reduce maintenance costs.

Meritor axle

The axle also offers high-angle turning capacity up to 55 degrees and is compatible with air disc brakes and all drum brakes. An offset knuckle, with integrated torque plate and tie rod arms, is available with air disc brake applications. It eliminates the need for separate torque plate and fasteners, saving an additional 15 pounds compared to the current air disc brake installation.

The new design also reduces space constraints for easier access by technicians. The MFS+ is designed for mounting each brake at “12-o’clock” for easy removal. Overall the MFS+ with integrated torque plates and tie rod arms may reduce weight by up to 85 pounds depending on brake and axle configuration which can result in increased payloads.

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