MEYLE adds 100 drive shafts units to fit all popular vehicle models

MEYLE adds 100 drive shafts units to fit all popular vehicle models

Drive shafts are subject to exceptionally high load levels during operation. To help workshops meet their customers' quality requirements even better, MEYLE has added another 100 new drive shaft units to its existing range.

MEYLE-ORIGINAL drive shaftsCustomers place exceptionally high demands on the quality of drive shaft design as these parts are directly exposed to the loads generated in the gearbox. In addition, the vehicle's compression and rebound forces act on drive shaft joints and boots. Drive shaft boots suffer from abrasion under the high load levels during operation, which may cause the rubber to tear. As a result, the grease required to provide sufficient lubrication will leak out while contaminants and moisture are allowed to enter in. When replacing the drive shaft assembly, material quality is paramount for repair professionals. The good news: Hamburg manufacturer MEYLE now offers another 100 drive shaft assemblies, newly added to complement its existing range and designed to meet the highest demands.

MEYLE-ORIGINAL drive shafts are made of forged steel specially chosen for the application and employ grease that is specially formulated to match the exceptional requirements and strain levels acting on the joint. Retaining latches in genuine original-equipment quality ensure that the boots fit securely. Each MEYLE-ORIGINAL drive shaft undergoes pre-defined in-process testing and evaluation. Repair professionals can safely rely on the superior quality of MEYLE-ORIGINAL drive shafts at all times.


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