HydraGen Designed To Save Fuel, Lower Emissions and Increase Power

HydraGen Designed To Save Fuel, Lower Emissions and Increase Power

The dynaCert HydraGen System is a carbon emissions reduction technology that produces and injects pure hydrogen and oxygen gas into a diesel engine’s intake air stream, increasing the energy produced during the combustion process.

HydraGen is designed for on-road applications with Class 6-8 engines. The technology produces pure hydrogen and oxygen on demand through the electrolysis of distilled water, according to the company.

HydraGen Designed To Save Fuel, Lower Emissions and Increase PowerBy mixing the gases with diesel fuel prior to the combustion cycle, HydraGen increases the amount of available energy by burning diesel fuel faster and more completely. As a result, an engine can gain power and torque while also operating more efficiently.

Using a Smart ECU, the system provides a reliable and adjustable delivery of hydrogen and oxygen concentrations to ensure that the optimal ratios and percentages of the two gases are provided. GPRS capability allows the Smart ECU to be accessed by the company and licensed users for the tracking, monitoring, and future data collection of Carbon Credits.

During on-road and accredited third party testing, the HydraGen System showed up to a 19.2% reduction in fuel consumption, according to dynaCert. It also resulted in a 10% to 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and more than a 65% reduction in particulate matter. The company also says that the system can increase engine oil life and overall engine life.

The HydraGen system is housed in a lightweight cabinet mounted to the outside of the vehicle and is designed for all-weather operations. The complete system runs directly from the vehicle’s power system and shuts off automatically with the engine. It also has an independent on-off switch on the housing unit should isolation be necessary and it is protected by a 30-amp fuse. With built-in micro-heaters, the HydraGen System is protected for four season weather use, says the company.

HydraGen is produced by dynaCert, an energy sector company that specializes in carbon emissions reduction technologies. The company partnered with scientific engineers to produce HydraGen, creating a reliable and effective electrolysis unit that could generate hydrogen and oxygen on demand to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy.


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