New VDO Autodiagnos Check Electronic Service Tool Simplifies Service

New VDO Autodiagnos Check Electronic Service Tool Simplifies Service

No special training is required to operate the new VDO Autodiagnos Check tool from Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket.

The company says the tool simplifies everyday service applications and service center technicians who do not specialize in vehicle diagnostics can use it. No detailed diagnostic knowledge is necessary thanks to independent engine control unit (ECU) identification.

VDO Autodiagnos Check provides quick access to vehicle systems supports service center tasks such as vehicle health check, engine, braking systems, transmission, SRS/Airbag, climate and steering/suspension.

Many diagnostic tools are not designed for pure service applications and can be complicated to use, simply because they are primarily designed for comprehensive troubleshooting, and the technician might need to know exactly which system or controller needs to be diagnosed for the task at hand. Continental says it offers an alternative with this new service tool.

The new VDO Autodiagnos Check service unit is easy to use and covers all major service applications, making it suitable for any workshop concept.

Technicians no longer need to know all the details about which function can be found in which control unit; these are listed in the menu. Data parameters can be selected individually or as a group, and are displayed alpha-numerically in real time. The tool then guides the user through the service process step-by-step, following a basic FastCheck rule. Only the information relevant to the task at hand is displayed. The technician, regardless of skill level, can get to the required service quickly and reliably, maximizing efficiency.

The company says menu navigation is quick and easy. Select the vehicle system and manufacturer and start the service immediately. VDO Autodiagnos Check covers all the essential service applications of all major manufacturers.

The Autodiagnos Check covers all of the important service applications such as resetting service intervals after an oil change or inspection, “learning” batteries and engine components, regenerating diesel particulate filters, coding fuel injectors, as well as reading and clearing DTCs from various ECUs. The Autodiagnos Check also actuates and calibrates the electric parking brake and resets body components such as xenon headlights and steering angle sensors. The tool is packaged with a quick start guide, OBDII cables, and charger in a convenient carrying case.


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