Maintain the DPF

Maintain the DPF

Wynn’s have added a new Off Car DPF Cleaner to their range of tank additive DPF Cleaners.

Wynn’s new Off Car DPF CleanerThe first stop in treatment should be Wynn’s DPF Regenerator. The special blend of chemicals lowers the combustion temperature of the soot deposits, allowing them to burn off more easily and at a lower temperature. Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Regenerator can aid passive, active and forced regeneration.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when the DPF will be full of soot, ash and other deposits, and cannot be regenerated by normal methods. Wynn’s new Off Car DPF Cleaner allows workshops to clean blocked DPF’s in as little as 90 minutes and return the vehicle to the customer on the same day.


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