‘Why Do I Need New Shocks and Struts?’ – New Monroe Countertop Simulator Tells The Story

‘Why Do I Need New Shocks and Struts?’ – New Monroe Countertop Simulator Tells The Story

Helping consumers understand the vital importance of replacing their vehicles’ worn shocks and struts can be a challenge in some situations, especially without the right support materials. Tenneco’s Monroe brand has helped solve this challenge through an innovative, hands-on countertop shock simulator that demonstrates how ride control units may affect driving safety.

The new Monroe “Feel the Difference” shock simulator invites consumers to cycle a miniature vehicle’s suspension through a variety of driving conditions.

The new Monroe “Feel the Difference” shock simulator invites consumers to cycle a miniature vehicle’s suspension through a variety of driving conditions. The consumer can see a side-by-side comparison of an axle equipped with a worn shock or strut and one featuring a properly functioning unit. The simulator – offered in a space-saving design ideally suited for a repair shop service desk – is available to all members of the 2017 Tenneco Expert Plus loyalty program.

“Thousands of shop professionals have faced the challenge – perhaps on even a daily basis – of explaining why a customer should invest in new ride control products. This invaluable new tool helps reinforce their service recommendation by allowing the consumer to experience the difference between old and new in a side-by-side simulation,” said John Perrin, executive director of marketing and engineering, North America Aftermarket, Tenneco.

The simulator’s worn shock fails to properly control suspension movement, permitting potentially dangerous tire hop, while the properly functioning shock helps maintain firm tire-to-road contact. The unit’s text and graphics explain that replacing worn shocks and struts can help improve vehicle control and handling, reduce premature tire wear and shorten stopping distance under certain driving conditions.

The simulator also highlights the new Monroe “Feel the Difference” Guarantee, which enables service professionals to promise customers that they will feel a positive difference in vehicle handling and ride quality when replacing worn shocks with qualifying premium Monroe products during a risk-free 90-day/1,000-mile (1,600-kilometer) trial period or receive a refund of their purchase, including labor and cost of alignment, if applicable.

“We are confident that by combining their technical knowledge with our new point-of-sale simulator and risk-free guarantee, shop professionals will be able to help more consumers understand why replacing worn shocks and struts with new Monroe products is a very smart decision,” Perrin said.

To learn more about the “Feel the Difference” shock simulator and other exclusive tools and benefits available through the 2017 Expert Plus program, please contact your Monroe supplier or Tenneco sales representative.

Additional information regarding Monroe ride control products and the terms and conditions of the Feel the Difference guarantee can be found at monroe.com.


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