Champion highlights why correct oil choice is vital

Champion highlights why correct oil choice is vital

The Champion Oil range, distributed in Ireland by Serfac, features many premium quality lubricants that are either fully approved by vehicle manufacturers or are produced in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant specification. It means that garages can selected the right Champion Oil for a job with complete peace of mind, but selecting the right oil also has several other vital implications.

Speaking recently at Automechanika, Darrell Taylor, Marketing Manager of Lubrizol which is a supplier of additives for Champion Oils gave some very compelling reasons why choosing the correct lubricant is not just desirable but absolutely essential. 

Firstly technologies such as turbocharging, direct injection and exhaust after treatment devices allow engines that are much smaller in size to deliver the same performance. On top of that, they provide a 35% improvement in fuel economy and a 50% decrease in CO2 emissions. It means the latest Ford Fiesta engine produces an equivalent level of power per litre engine size as a Porsche 911. Effectively this means today’s ordinary cars perform at a level that used to be reserved for higher-end performance cars. This is down to a more complex engine structure and technology, which requires increasing specialist lubrication.

Champion highlights why correct oil choice is vital

A second key point is the role lubricants play in reducing emissions. 20,000 people per year die of exhaust gases inhalation in Europe, or the shocking the equivalent of a jumbo jet crashing every 10 days. Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate matter (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) are the most harmful elements in these gases, and the EURO standards serve to limit these. A EURO 6 standard diesel car today emits 0.005 grams of particulates at most, compared to 1996, when a car that complied to the EURO I standard could produce up to 0.14 grams of particulates per km. The role of advanced lubricants is vital to this emission reduction as they protect against deposits and ensure corrosion protection and soot handling in the engine is done correctly.

Lastly the point was made that using the right lubricant is also a sound financial decision for both the garage and the motorist.  The wrong lubricant choice or poor oil maintenance is the cause of some 90% of turbocharger failures, a potential cost of several thousand Euro on a car. Similarly incorrect oil can mean premature DPF failure, also a huge expense. These and other mechanical failures can be easily avoided by using the correct oils and adhering to the correct change intervals.  Not only does this save on maintenance and repairs, it also means more economical engines.


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