Turbos: do you know what you’re fitting?

Turbos: do you know what you’re fitting?

Remanufactured and reconditioned turbos are more popular than ever, according to BTN Turbo who add that technicians need to be wary and ensure they know what they are fitting.

Turbos spin at up to 6,000 revs per second with temperatures reaching over 900°C.BTN Turbo said: “Remanufactured turbos available on the market might say Garrett on the casing, but you can’t be sure whose parts are inside.

“It may look and sound right, and you might not get any fault codes or warning lights on the dash, yet.

“But you can’t be sure it will perform as it should.

“And of course, the main concern is an unhappy customer when it all goes wrong.”

The ultimate safe route is to buy a 100 per cent brand-new OE turbo, of which BTN stocks over 18,000 from all the major manufacturers – Garrett, BorgWarner, Holset, Mitsubishi, IHI and Schwitzer.

OE remanufactured turbos

However, if your customer doesn’t want a brand-new turbo, there’s an equally safe choice from BTN: OE Original remanufactured turbos.

These turbos are remanufactured by the manufacturer that made them originally.

Garrett, for example, strip, clean and minutely inspect the unit, to make sure it’s suitable for rebuilding.

They replace every critical part, such as actuators, compressor wheels, bearing systems, seals, O-rings, piston ring seals, bolts and clamps – with new original Garrett components.

The turbo is assembled with tolerances checked within microns.

Finally it’s calibrated to precisely match Garrett’s brand-new units, so it matches the original performance in every parameter. In every respect, it’s 100 per cent OE.

Like the brand-new turbochargers available through BTN, the OE Original reman turbos are covered by a two year warranty.

They also come with BTN’s FitKit, which contains gaskets, studs and nuts so you can fit straight from the box, plus an oil-filled pre-priming syringe for vital first use protection.

Also available from BTN Turbo are oil feed pipe kits, recommended for applications where there are known issues with oil supply to the turbo.


Components sourced for the lowest possible cost are likely to be made from inferior grade materials.

BTN said: “As a turbo spins at up to 6,000 revs per second with temperatures reaching over 900°C, any inferior components will be prone to premature failure.

“And since tolerances in modern turbos are absolutely critical, components that are not to precisely the correct dimensions will result in below-spec performance.

“When turbo remanufacturers can’t afford to invest in sophisticated, highly accurate balancing and alignment tools, their end product won’t be able to replicate the original factory settings.

“Given the sophistication and complexity of today’s turbos, that’s a problem.”

For more information about OE new and OE original reman turbos from BTN Turbo, plus expert advice and tips, follow the ‘more details’ link below.


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