Five layers of protection from new MAHLE cabin filter

Five layers of protection from new MAHLE cabin filter

One of many innovative new products launched by MAHLE at Automechanika Frankfurt was the CareMetix premium cabin filter, which features a unique five layers of protection. 

MAHLE say that when a vehicle is in operation, more than 100,000 litres of air are swept into the cabin every hour. Conventional cabin air filters ensure that as few pollutants as possible enter the driver’s cab, but the new CareMetix cabin filter does much more, using  new S5 broadband technology to filter ordinary solid matter and gas particles from the ambient air, while also reliably eliminating odours. In the process, CareMetix keeps all stresses to the respiratory tracts of all passengers to a new, absolute minimum.

Olaf Henning of MAHLE comments, “The performance of CareMetix is vastly superior to all solutions that have been previously offered in this area. The innovation lies in the completely new adsorber, which in addition to gas adsorption, eliminates odours of all types and intensity. Numerous test persons have confirmed from the experience that there is currently no comparable product available in the market.”

The MAHLE CareMetix cabin filter contains five specialised layers that significantly optimise the effectiveness of the filter and expand the filter spectrum for the first time in such a way that it even eliminates odours. The combination of a high-performance particulate filter layer, a molecular sieve layer, two different activated carbon layers for the adsorption of organic and inorganic gases, and an additional protective coating comprehensively thwarts the incoming solid matter and gas particles already before they can enter the cabin.

This makes the filters highly effective against allergens, brake dust, diesel soot, fine particulates, and tyre debris, which are further transported by exhaust fumes from the preceding traffic.  As a result, the cabin remains almost free from the smallest particulates and in addition, sensitive components of the air conditioning system are protected from wear. The filters also protect against micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds and spores, which spread rapidly during humid and warm weather.


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