VDO Expands the Scope of its Tachograph Inspection Functions

VDO Expands the Scope of its Tachograph Inspection Functions

Workshops using Continental’s VDO Workshop Tablet will soon be able to use the multi-brand diagnostic system W.EASY of the WABCOWÜRTH Workshop Services GmbH.

The two companies have now signed the relevant partnership agreement. This will make automotive mechatronics work easier in commercial vehicle workshops, because the number of input devices will be reduced, simplifying access to the diagnostic data. Important new diagnostic functions will be integrated into the WorkshopTab, especially for air suspension and braking systems, but also for multi-brand tractor truck diagnostics. The Tab was designed as a tool for tachograph inspections and the new functions can also be combined as part of a normal workshop vehicle service where required.

Expanded functionality – The W.EASY multi-brand system by WABCOWÜRTH can soon be used on the VDO Workshop Tablet.

The VDO Workshop Tablet combines all the tachograph inspection functions in one device, making day-to-day workshop tasks up to 50% faster thanks to self-explanatory test sequences – and the integrated W.EASY multi-brand diagnostic solution by WABCOWÜRTH will increase these time savings even more, because workshops can now diagnose motor vehicles, trailers, buses and transporters from the same input device when used in conjunction with the W.EASY + Box. W.EASY integrates the original WABCO system diagnostics and the original Haldex Trailer diagnosis into just one system. This eliminates the time-consuming changing of diagnostic boxes and connection cables. The VDO Workshop Tablet uses various interfaces to connect to the W.EASY diagnosis box. Anyone wishing to use the additional functions can buy the relevant license for the Tablet via the VDO service. The functions will be activated after a software update is carried out.

The VDO Workshop Tablet with the W.EASY multi-brand diagnosis, available from early 2017, will be showcased during the Automechanika in workshops in the Forum at Continental booth A03/05. 


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