CleanDrive enhances fuel efficiency

CleanDrive enhances fuel efficiency

CleanDrive is scientifically proven to enhance the fuel efficiency and overall performance of any vehicle by improving the combustion process and fuel efficiency of the engine.

CleanDrive cleans, cares for, and improves the condition of the engine in one easy step: Just add CleanDrive to the fuel tank every three months.

Take vehicle performance further. Further doesn’t just mean more distance on less fuel, it means a longer life-span too. Just one step to clean, care for, and improve the condition of the vehicle engine.

Using CleanDrive just once every three months reduces your fuel cost by 15 per cent, based on average driving of 10,000 miles per year.

With CleanDrive, the engine performs better, making the vehicle better for the planet. Independent tests prove CleanDrive reduces harmful vehicle emissions by as much as 60 per cent.

CleanDrive advanced fuel and exhaust system cleaner restores engine performance and reduces harmful emissions.

It prevents loss of power by cleaning the entire fuel system. It removes carbon deposits from exhaust valves, cleans EGR valves, inlet valves and fuel injectors. DriveClean cleans the diesel particulate filter (DPF), catalytic converter (CAT) and Lambda sensor, lubricates engine walls and brings the vehicle back to the manufacturer’s design point.

DriveClean can be used on petrol, diesel and hybrid engines and need only be applied every three months.


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