New Volvo Spec Approved Oil

New Volvo Spec Approved Oil

LIQUI MOLY has introduced a new special oil for the latest models by Volvo, Special Tec V 0W-20. The oil is officially approved by Volvo and has a viscosity of 0W-20. This makes it a highly fluid oil, which reduces fuel consumption and quickly and reliably lubricates all parts of the engine even when starting in winter.

Official oil approvals by Volvo in the car sector are a relatively recent innovation. Previously Volvo used only industry standards such as ACEA and refrained from releasing its own model specs. However, Volvo is now following the same strategy as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes, by making very detailed provisions on which properties their recommended motor oils should have. The oil and its properties are seen as part of the development of a new engine, as modern engines can react very sensitively to the wrong oil choice.

These provisions by Volvo are fulfilled by the new Special Tec V 0W-20 by LIQUI MOLY. It has Volvo approval VCC RBS0-2AE and is therefore suitable for the latest models that require this approval. For older models Special Tec V 0W-30 is available. This now carries official Volvo VCC 95200377 approval.

The Special Tec series by LIQUI MOLY features a number of manufacturer specific oils. The letter between the name and viscosity indicates the manufacturer. For example Special Tec V is for Volvos, Special Tec F for Ford models and Special Tec F Eco for cars fitted with Ford Eco Boost engines. 


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