Audi offering fast-track certification

Audi offering fast-track certification

Audi is offering apprentice mechanics across Ireland a fast-track option to full Audi certification.

The Audi Advanced Apprenticeship, which is available in dealerships across the country, awards apprentice mechanics full Audi certification in four years rather than the usual seven. Now, apprentices will receive Audi brand training at the same time as their general workshop training and college studies, rather than after.

In addition to fast-tracked training, apprentices will receive complimentary high-quality workwear at the commencement of the scheme and free Snap-on-branded toolsets as they complete particular modules; a total package per apprentice of approximately €6,000.

Graduates are also guaranteed an all-expenses trip to the Audi facility in Neuberg, Germany, where they will drive the Audi R8 supercar. After completion of the Audi Advanced Apprenticeship, the new Audi-certified mechanics will have clear paths to specialist roles within the Audi Ireland network, like service advisor, parts advisor, diagnostic technician and master technician.

Approximately thirty Audi apprentices will be accepted onto the scheme this year.

Commenting on the new scheme, Steven Stein, Head of Aftersales at Audi Ireland, said: “The new Audi Advanced Apprenticeship scheme is a new and exciting way for aspiring mechanics to receive full Audi certification in a much shorter time, allowing apprentices to launch straight into their career with the right skills.

“We’re calling on ambitious team players across Ireland to apply for the Audi Advanced Apprenticeship and avail of the best possible training, complete immersion in Ireland’s number one premium car brand and full career development support.”


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