Faster drying with the Standox VOC Pro Filler Accelerator

Faster drying with the Standox VOC Pro Filler Accelerator

Standox has launched new VOC Pro Filler Accelerator U7535, which it says makes application of Standox VOC Pro Filler U7530 even more efficient as it enables even faster drying at ambient temperatures and helps bodyshops save time and energy when preparing vehicles for repair.


VOC Pro Filler U7530 is a proven and highly efficient 2K sanding filler from Standox. It is available in black, grey and white, and is characterised by its good filling properties and great vertical stability. It can be applied with all Standox VOC hardeners using standard setting in up to three spray passes.

Bodyshops now have the option of combining the new accelerator and VOC 10-20 Hardener with VOC Pro Filler U7530 so that it can be applied in a single process step in up to three spray passes, without intermediate flash-off times. In addition, it is ready for sanding after just 30 minutes of air-drying, which is nearly three times faster than before. An ambient temperature of 20°C is all that is required meaning bodyshops don’t have to heat the spray booth.

“With the Standox VOC Pro Filler Accelerator U7535 we have once again introduced a product that is characterised by its speed and its ease and efficiency in application. It markedly improves the drying properties of Standox VOC Pro Filler U7530, which helps bodyshops speed up their work processes and make them more efficient without any loss of quality,” says Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland.


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