Wheel bolt advice from SWAG

Wheel bolt advice from SWAG

Wheel bolts are critical components securing wheels brake discs and wheel hubs and ensuring safe and correct performance.

Problems with wheel bolt can be regularly encountered by garages especially in relation to the risks associated with a wheel that is tightened too much or too little. SWAG recommends that when carrying out repairs or inspections to the wheels and bearings, technicians should;

  • Check the threads of the wheel hub for dirt and corrosion and replace if damaged
  • Check that the contact surface of bolt and rim are free from dirt, oil, grease and any damage
  • Replace the bolts if there is any rust, plastic deformation or damage to the threads

Wheel bolt advice from SWAGSWAG supplies a wide range of precisely fitting wheel bolts and nuts for a variety of vehicle makes and models. The brand prides itself on supplying fastenings that are first time fit, giving technicians confidence in a professional repair.

The growing range includes bolts for aluminium and steel wheels as well as those with anti-theft protection. Plus many SWAG bolts and nuts are supplied in multi-packs or as part of a ProKit. For example the SWAG Wheel Bearing Kits for Seat and Volkswagen (part 03662) contains: nuts, screws, ball joint, bolts, circlips and grease, providing everything for a professional to complete a repair under one part number, saving time and effort.

For more information visit the SWAG Live! online catalogue at www.swag-live.com.


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