Bridgestone DriveGuard wins prestigious award

Bridgestone DriveGuard wins prestigious award

Bridgestone’s new DriveGuard tyre has been crowned as the Auto Express Product of the Year for 2016, just two months after its launch.

DriveGuard is a touring tyre which allows drivers to continue their journey for 50 miles at up to 50mph after a puncture and it was this ability that impressed the judges. In particular they were impressed by the products ability to give a wide range of car owners access to technology that had previously been the preserve of premium car buyers.

DriveGuard features reinforced sidewalls and proprietary cooling fin technology to give drivers additional peace of mind by reducing the risk of an accident caused by a puncture. The tyre is not restricted to a factory fitment on specific brands or car models and can be fitted on to most cars equipped with TPMS, which is mandatory in Europe on new cars since November 2014.

The design means that by making the tyre lighter than rival designs, Bridgestone has removed the requirement for suspension and chassis to be tuned specifically for a run-flat.


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