MEYLE engine mounts are making their debut in truck racing

MEYLE engine mounts are making their debut in truck racing

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts once again trusted partner in technology of the "tankpool24" truck racing team.

Hamburg-based manufacturer Wulf Gaertner Autoparts supplies the independent aftermarket with premium-grade MEYLE and MEYLE-HD spare parts for commercial vehicles. The comprehensive range of products also includes some 50 different engine mount applications. Testifying to the parts' superior quality MEYLE engine mounts for commercial vehicles are debuting on the race track.

Kicked off in late-April, the 2016 FIA European Truck Racing Championship is finally on – with MEYLE truck engine mounts in the line-up. Fitted on the "tankpool24" race truck, the MEYLE parts are making their debut in truck racing. "The operating conditions in motor racing are extremely demanding, calling for extremely durable parts", says Norbert Kiss, reigning European Champion for the second year running and one of the team's experienced drivers. Above-average engine speeds and excessive heat put the part materials under considerable stress. "In previous racing seasons, MEYLE brake discs and pads have already testified to their extraordinary strength – now MEYLE engine mounts have impressed us with their equally high quality", explains André Kursim, the team's second driver.

"As partners in technology our in-house engineers maintain an on-going dialogue with team's technicians, allowing us to put the MEYLE engine mounts to the test under racing conditions", says Sven Nielsen, Head of Strategic Product Development at MEYLE. "The findings are fed straight back to the development process of MEYLE truck engine mounts", says Nielsen describing the benefits of this bi-directional knowledge transfer. This allows MEYLE's engineers to scrutinize material quality and part performance when put to extremes and use the results to make continual improvements. "Naturally, our customers benefit from the technical expertise developed under race conditions. After all, we supply the team with exactly the same engine mounts we ship to our customers from our warehouse - there is absolutely no difference", Nielsen continues.

Only highest-grade rubber compounds and casing materials are used for the production of MEYLE engine mounts to make the parts last longer and perform reliably under the dramatic static, dynamic and thermal stresses to which engine mounts are exposed. The range of MEYLE truck spare parts features repair solutions from the chassis & steering, suspension & damping and cooling and brakes product groups.


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