Opening of a new logistics center in Italy

Opening of a new logistics center in Italy

The Schaeffler Group‘s most modern warehouse is now officially in operation. As part of the step-by-step expansion of its European distribution network, Schaeffler opened its European Distribution Center (EDC) South in Carisio, Italy, on May 19.

EDC South will supply products to all customers of the company’s Industrial Division in southeastern and southern European countries. It has a storage area of approx. 17,000 square meters (4.2 acres) with a total of 3,600 spaces for pallets and 45,000 storage compartments in the automated small parts warehouse. The warehouse itself is suitable for modular extension, making its design sufficiently spacious for customer requirements in the long term.

State-of-the-art warehouse improves customer service

EDC South is the Schaeffler Group’s most modern warehouse. Its largely automated processes, special and entirely newly developed ergonomic workstations and state-of-the-art warehouse management system that optimizes both material flow and forklift movements all ensure efficiency.

Currently, deliveries from EDC South are made to the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese markets. By the end of the year, products will also be supplied to other southeastern and southern European countries including the Balkans and all the way to Greece. The use of the warehouse for both Industrial as well as Aftermarket customers from the Automotive Division will utilize synergies and ensure a high level of delivery capacity at all times – including peak times. The goal is to improve the quality and speed of logistics services for customers.

Opening ceremony and guests

In his welcome speech, Peter Schardig, CEO for Southern Europe, said: “Today, we celebrate two important occasions: We are officially opening the EDC South in Carisio. In addition, we are naming the place where EDC South is located after the founder of our group of companies, Dr. Georg Schaeffler. That is why we are especially pleased to have our shareholder, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann, here as our guest today.”

The shareholder said in her speech: “With the naming of this square, the municipality is bestowing the highest honor that a municipality can award posthumously. I regard this as a special sign of appreciation and the personal connection with our company and our family. I would like to express my particular gratitude to the municipality of Carisio – and to its leader, Major Pasquino. Dr. Georg Schaeffler was an inspired engineer and businessman and in addition to establishing the entrepreneurial foundations, he also shaped the shared values of the Schaeffler Group in the long term.”

EDC South is already the second distribution center that has officially begun its operation. EDC North in Arlandastad in Sweden opened last year. EDC Central in Kitzingen is scheduled to open in 2018.


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