Bendix Brake Shoe Kits Reduce Installation Time

Bendix Brake Shoe Kits Reduce Installation Time

MAT Holdings Inc. has launched Bendix Brakes brand automotive brake shoe kits, which include all of the components necessary for a complete brake shoe job to help reduce installation time.

The brake shoe kits include the brake shoes themselves, plus wheel cylinders, spreader springs, and installation hardware. As a result, installation time is cut by up to 50%, the company notes. Shop owners also can save a great deal of time sourcing the various components, the company adds.

The Bendix brake shoe kits also require less storage space, since a number of products normally stocked separately are stocked compactly in a single box.

Installers can offer their customers greater peace of mind with the Bendix brake shoe kits: all relevant components are replaced during the brake shoe job, so the likelihood of an old component breaking and causing the customer to return to the service shop is reduced.

The automotive brake shoe kits are offered as part of the Bendix Premium line, which also includes automotive brake pads, discs, and shoes, and leads the industry in quality and ease of installation.


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