Mirka highlights dust free sanding solutions

Mirka highlights dust free sanding solutions

As part of its commitment to creating dust free sanding environments, abrasives expert Mirka has released an ePaper version of its Abranet White book.

Dust can have a massive impact on working conditions especially in the automotive body repair industry and can have major health implications for those working in environments that are heavy with dust.

Mirka has been working on the development of dust-free sanding solutions for over a decade and the company is expert in implementing processes for customers that provide all the benefits and work satisfaction of dust-free perfection.

In the ePaper version of the White book users can read more about the Mirka net abrasive product family and Mirka’s dust-free solutions developed for the automotive body repair sector. The publication highlights how these solutions can help bodyshops move towards a healthier, more comfortable and dust-free working environment, whilst also maintain the highest quality standards.

Mirka says that compared to conventional dry sanding Mirka products and systems produce a greatly reduced amount of dust. This is not only healthier for the operative, it also greatly reduces the risk of paint contamination due to airborne impurities. Mirka solutions also remove the dust between the abrasive and the surface more effectively making the sanding process far more efficient.

To download the ePaper version of the White book go to the news section at www.mirka.com

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