febi offers Mercedes transmission solution

febi offers Mercedes transmission solution

Because of the huge diversity and application coverage of the febi bilstein range, parts suppliers and garages can sometimes overlook certain key in demand parts. One prime example of this is the Conductor Plate Kit for automatic transmissions for Mercedes-Benz 5-Speed automatic gearboxes.

Over time, the sensors of the conductor plate stick together due to deposits in the automatic transmission fluid, causing gear change malfunctions in the transmission. The plug should also always be replaced with any replacement conductor plate. Failure to replace the plug can cause oil ingress through the seal, eventually contaminating the automatic transmission control unit via the wiring loom, leading to damage in the control unit.

febi bilstein supplies the complete kit (febi 36542) which includes both the conductor plate (febi 32342) and the plug for automatic transmissions (febi 36332). This combination saves time and money for both workshops and customers, enabling a professional and effective repair. febi bilstein also supplies the conductor plate and plug separately.

febi bilstein offers a huge range of other Mercedes parts details of which can be found in the febi Live! online catalogue. With it fast search facility and comprehensive product information and images it makes parts identification easy.

The febi product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the renowned SWAG and Blue Print brands. The company will be showing all of its latest product and service innovations at the forthcoming Automechanika Birmingham event which takes place June 7th-9th. It is located at Stand 9L 11. For further information visit www.bilsteingroup.com


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